Due to the division's size relative to the rest of the company, ECT has a large part to play in supporting the achievement of Johnson Matthey's 2017 Sustainability Goals. Sustainability has been embedded in the way we work and we have set ourselves key performance indicators to track our progress every year in our Annual Report.

Our objectives are to halve the consumption of energy and water per unit of output, halve the carbon intensity of our manufacturing processes, and to achieve zero waste to landfill. We are on track to meet these objectives in 2017 by carrying out the following activities:

  • Improving the use of our production lines by driving our Manufacturing Excellence programme. Improving our energy efficiency performance also has the benefit of reducing the carbon intensity of our manufacturing processes. Two of our sites have also had their energy management systems certified to the ISO50001 standard.
  • Reducing the variation in performance between sites by sharing best practice and collaborating across sites.
  • Supporting our sites to try and improve their 'best ever' monthly performance.
  • Implementing water efficiency measures across manufacturing sites where possible.
  • Identifying alternative options for various waste streams that are being sent to landfill.

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  • Combined Heat and Power at Redwitz

    Combined Heat and Power at Redwitz

    When Redwitz's 20 year old heating system needed repairing or replacing, a decision was made to invest in a combined heat and power (CHP) unit.

    Manesar invests in solar water heating

    Manesar invests in solar water heating

    Our Manesar site invested in a solar water heating system to provide enough water for the canteen use and the washcoat (slurry) production processes.