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PIO 2000 electronic monitor and data-logger

All JM DPF systems are supplied with a PIO 2000 unit for monitoring and recording data. The monitoring function measures the exhaust back pressure and temperature at the filter inlet and reports these to the operator. If the back pressure is above or below set limits, an alarm will sound and a fault message will be displayed. The display is on a backlit alphanumeric display and the operator can have a choice of three languages. The PIO 2000 ensures that the operator is aware at all times of the conditions in the filter unit, which gives confidence. In case of a problem caused by a smoking engine or similar, the operator is alerted before any damage is caused.

The PIO 2000 also acts as a data logger, storing operating data for the filter unit. This data can be downloaded and displayed as a diagram, chart, frequency distribution or table for export. This information is invaluable when checking that a filter system is functioning correctly.

An indelible error report in the PIO 2000 records all error messages and all changes of operating parameters. If damage does occur to the filter through incorrect operation, this report can be used to establish whether the instructions were followed. This is a valuable tool for protecting the investment made in the particulate filter, especially for owners of hire machines.

When used with DPFi and DPFiS systems, the PIO 2000 monitors and controls the regeneration system.

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