Trucks & Buses

Trucks & Buses

Johnson Matthey offers products and technologies for the reduction of emissions from trucks and buses. We provide catalyst and systems technology to engine and vehicle OEMs. 

We also offer a range of retrofit solutions for the owners and operators of vehicles already in service.
The technologies offered for trucks and buses include:
for diesel - oxidation catalyst
CRT® system
SCRT® system
NOx adsorber catalysts (OEM systems only)
for CNG - oxidation catalyst
Products and Services

To find out more about Johnson Matthey’s products and services for the reduction of emissions from trucks and buses: select OEM or Diesel Retrofit


+ Cutting Vehicle Pollution (English) - Flipbook version
+ Heavy Duty Diesel Emissions Guide - Europe, USA & Japan (PDF: 0.14Mb)


+ 2-way (oxidation) Catalysts

+ NOx Adsorber Catalysts

+ 4-way Diesel Systems

+ The SCRT® system

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