Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines

Johnson Matthey provides complete NOx and CO emission control systems for simple cycle gas turbines, from the gas turbine outlet through the stack. Our systems offer high availability and efficiency, while meeting all of today's stringent emission control standards. We also work with major leading HRSG manufacturers to provide complete solutions for combined cycle applications.

Johnson Matthey has provided more than 2,000MW of SCR and CO solutions for gas turbine applications, and has more than 2 decades of experience providing high quality systems for gas turbines.

Johnson Matthey has designed SCR systems for virtually every major gas turbine from 3MW up to and exceeding 200MW, and for a variety of cases including:

  • Frame & Aeroderivative Turbines
  • Side and Axial Flow
  • Dry and Wet Low NOx Systems
  • Anhydrous and Aqueous NH3 Systems
  • Ammonia Systems using:
    • Electric Heat
    • Recirculated Flue Gas
  • Natural gas, diesel, and co-fired applications
  • NOx and CO reductions as follows:
  • NOx > 95%, <2 ppm
    • CO > 95%, < 2 ppm
    • NH3 Slip < 5 ppm
Fast Start-up
Our Johnson Matthey systems are designed to startup quickly and bring the gas turbine into emission compliance within minutes. Using our proprietary designs, ammonia can be made available as soon as the catalyst reaches its minimum operating temperature, which allows NOx reduction to begin minutes sooner than with other SCR systems.

Low Parasitic Power with Recirculated Flue Gas
Johnson Matthey was one of the pioneers to introduce recirculated flue gas (RFG) systems to vaporize ammonia for use with an SCR system.

Our RFG systems can reduce the parasitic power of the ammonia system by up to 50% when compared to an electrically heated system.

In addition, our RFG systems are highly responsive to turbine load changes, which helps brings the emission control system in compliance quickly during load changes.

Permit Support
Johnson Matthey provides support to power producers during their permitting process for difficult questions concerning NOx, CO, Noise, and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions.

We can provide assurances to regulators that your power project is within acceptable limits, and provide system designs to meet those limits.

Integrated SCR and CO Catalyst
Johnson Matthey is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of SCR and CO Catalyst, and is one of the few companies that can offer complete NOx and CO emission control systems using our own industry leading catalysts.

Advantages of Johnson Matthey's Oxidation Catalyst

  • Proven long term durability in continuous operation
  • Low NO to NO2 Conversion
  • High activity catalyst + flow through metal monolith design = smallest catalyst package + lowest backpressure in the industry
  • Johnson Matthey's in-house refining can give you maximum credit for spent catalyst
  • Expert Johnson Matthey field support for catalyst inspection, bed rotation and partial bed replacement
  • Engineered formulations offer the best overall value

Advantages of Johnson Matthey's SINOx® SCR Catalyst

  • Over 35 million cubic feet supplied to the power industry
  • Custom formulations for use at temperatures of 350 900F+
  • Highly customizable configurations capable of replacing competitors' catalyst charges

ISO Certified

Johnson Matthey's turbine group is ISO Certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards, and rigorously maintains its Quality Management System according to these ISO requirements.

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