Johnson Matthey Shanghai produces 60 millionth catalyst
The Emission Control Technologies team based in China

In December 2016 Emission Control Technologies (ECT) employees based in Shanghai, China, celebrated the production of 60 million autocatalysts at the company’s manufacturing facilities.

“I am proud to be sharing this special milestone with the China team” said Phil Blakeman, Managing Director – ECT Asia. “They have all worked very hard to give us such a great business to build on for the future!”

New mission statement for Johnson Matthey Shanghai 

The site has also recently introduced a new mission statement:

ECT Asia will bring cleaner air for billions of people, with

Adaptable, engaged employees pioneering

Sustainable customer solutions through an
Inclusive, globally-connected organization, while
Achieving personal growth & exceeding 10% CAGR for profits       through 2025.

JM Shanghai.jpg

Johnson Matthey autocatalyst manufacturing facilities in Shanghai

Johnson Matthey opened its first autocatalyst facilities in Shanghai in 2001.  As business grew, in line with China’s automotive industry, a second site was purchased nearby for a technical centre to research, develop and test emission control products.  Extra autocatalyst production facilities were also built.

Since then, the autocatalyst manufacturing facilities in Shanghai have gone from strength to strength producing 40 million autocatalysts in 2015, 50 million by May 2016 and 60 million by December 2016.