Employees in ECT North America give back to the community

Over the past few months, our employees in various North American offices have given up their time to support and raise money for various community organisations. 

ECT Smithfield employees support the Warrior Foundation

ECT Smithfield recently raised $3,100 for the Warrior Foundation http://iatw.us/involved/ - a local organisation that helps veterans and their families post 9/11.

The photo above is of the Smithfield team with – from left to right - Mindy Folio and Travis Embacher from Johnson Matthey holding the cheque with Brandon Rumbaugh from the Warrior Foundation.

Employees organised a variety of activities

Employees raised funds through various activities. They held a T-shirt sale, a bake sale, a soup sale as well as two raffles: one was for a meat bundle and the other for different crafts that employees had handmade.

 Johnson Matthey Smithfield raffle.jpg

Employees volunteer for ‘Movember’

For the month of November last year, 28 employees from ECT sites in Audubon and Devon volunteered to grow moustaches and beards on behalf of the Prostrate Cancer Foundation’s ‘Movember’ event.  

Coin Wars game is a hit!

Employees also had an opportunity to participate in a game called ‘Coin Wars’ by voting ‘for’ a group with coins and voting ‘against’ a group with paper bills. The exciting part was that there were four voting points in three different buildings so you could not tell which team was really in the lead! 

The winners were treated to a pizza lunch (see below) with ECT North America President, Bill Clauhs (far right).  It was a fun project and raised a total of $757 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. 

ECT Movember pizza party.jpg

Working with Laurel House

Laurel House is a local shelter for women and children who have left their homes due to abusive situations.  

Devon and Audubon employees purchased gifts that the children most wanted to receive and held a ‘wrapping party’ so the presents could be delivered in time for the children’s Christmas party.  This ended 2016 on a very heartwarming note.

Working with Laurel House2.jpg