Focus on SCR Technology

Follow the development and progress of SCR technology as featured in articles published in Global Emissions Management from 2002 to 2011.

Technology drives European Review of Ultra Low Sulphur Fuels

The quality of fuel is a major issue for both the motor industry and automotive catalyst industry... Other articles in this edition are: PGM Price Power Fuels Expansion, Clinton's Environmental Legacy: US Enacts New Diesel Regulations and Exchange of Ideas at AVECC 2001.

Lean Burn - The quest for a winning formula

Orbital Engine Corporation and Johnson Matthey team up to explore the boundaries of lean burn emissions control. Other articles in this addition are: Construction Clean-up, Pace of Progress Quickens for SCR and Export Success for South Africa's Automotive Industry.

Russia's Emissions Management

As it moves in line with its Western counterparts, the Russian motor industry is experiencing the contrasting effects of economic deregulation and environmental regulation... Other articles in this edition are: New Diesel Regulations for Japan and Some Like It Hot!: Johnson Matthey's latest TWC developments.

The ‘Compact SCRT TM’ Unveiled

The SAE 2003 World Congress in Detroit provided an ideal opportunity for Johnson Matthey to give an update on its innovative SCRTTM concept... Other articles in this edition are: NOx Adsorber Developments for Diesel Emissions Control, Low Cost Motorcycle Catalysts for the Indian Market, NOx and PM Control Using Retrofit EGR & CRT® and Ultra Low PGM TWC Technology for the North American Market.

Diesel TOPTEC® Highlights Progress to Future Standards

Global Emissions Management reviews the sell-out conference on Heavy Duty Diesel emissions control, organised and co-sponsored by Johnson Matthey and Volvo Group... Other articles in this edition are: Korea’s Resurgent Market, Milan Conference Shapes Euro 5 and Ultra Low Emission Vehicle II Ultra Low PGM.

SCR Long-Term Durability Proven in U.S. Field Trials

In the Spring 2003 issue of Global Emissions Management, we unveiled the Compact SCRT® from Johnson Matthey... Other articles in this edition are: New Non-Road Regulations in USA and Europe and Filters for Light Duty Diesels.

Iran's Emission Management

Iran’s car market is experiencing a period of sustained, rapid growth... Other articles in this edition are: Autocatalyst demand contributes to PGM price shift, The Effect of Phosphorus and Boron Lubricant Oil Additives on Catalyst Durability and BAQ 2004.

Advanced Three-way Catalysts: Optimisation by targeted zoning of precious metal

Three-way catalysts have been used to control gasoline-fuelled vehicle emissions for over twenty years, during which time significant advances have been made in performance... Other articles in this edition are: The Diesel Engine and the Road Ahead – a US Perspective, Developments in Auxiliary Power for Vehicles and Johnson Matthey Sponsors Urban Air Quality Seminar.

Reducing Emissions Through Gas to Liquids Technology

Gas to Liquids is a term that we are starting to hear more often, but what does it mean?.. Other articles in this edition are: Brazil's Flexfuel Experience and Retrofit Schemes Around the Globe.

Selective Catalytic Reduction: The NOx Removal from Passenger Cars

There is continued focus on controlling the emissions of pollutants from engines around the world...

Advanced Catalysts for Combined (NAC + SCR) Emission Control Systems

Systems to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from vehicles are now well established, generally based on single technologies, either selective catalytic reduction (SCR) or NOx adsorber catalysts (NACs)...

Strong Fundamentals support platinum and palladium prices

While supplies of platinum remained largely flat in 2010, gross demand increased strongly, with 43% growth in demand for platinum in autocatalysts...

Advanced Emissions Control Concepts for Gasoline

Particulate filters have been successfully used to trap particles from Diesel engines for several years...

Development and validation of a Pt-Pd DOC Model

Global Emissions Management looks at the factors to be taken into consideration for computer simulations to be designed to quickly and cost effectively investigate a wide range of catalyst design scenarios...

Cold Start Concept (CSCTM) Catalysts: A Novel Solution for Emissions Control

Catalytic emission control systems are installed on nearly all vehicles produced today, in order to reduce emissions and enable compliance with legislation...