Lean Burn Engines

Lean Burn Engines

  • Our honeycomb and plate designed catalysts modules are the center of the SINOx Clean Air Systems for stationary engines
  • NOx reductions of up to 97% have been realized
  • Our worldwide experience is with over 400 installed SCR systems for stationary engines with varying fuel combinations
  • Since 1995 the SINOx® System has been represented in the exhaust gas cleaning area reliable and flexible partner through our own catalyst and component production line
  • Worldwide strongest market position as clean air system supplier for stationary engines with highest innovation potential
  • Longterm support through after-sales-service and maintenance contracts

When diesel-fuelled combustion engines are operated under conditions optimized for a minimum of fuel consumption, the main pollutants contained in the exhaust gases emitted from these engines are nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are partly responsible for the demise of our forest, summer smog and the production of ozone.

With SINOx® Emissions Control, the exhaust gas cleaning system, NOx emissions are reduced to such an extent that compliance with legally stipulated NOx emissions limits is guaranteed. The SINOx® system is based on selective catalytic reduction (SCR) - the most effective and best-proved process for NOx reduction. SINOx® turns harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water.

Our Know-how for your safety
As market leader in Europe with experience from over 15 years of catalytic-reactor operation in more than 500 fossil-fired combustion systems, we plan, build and supply SINOx® systems for reducing NOx emissions from combustion engines in cogeneration plants and peaking power units that are tailored to your specific needs and ensure compliance with specified emissions limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxides (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and particulates.

The main features of the honeycomb-type catalysts used in our SINOx® systems for cogeneration plants and peaking power units are fine structures, large specific surface areas and high activities, features which allow compact dimensions at only low exhaust gas backpressures. We tailor the chemical and physical features of the catalytic reactors to match each diesel or gas engine as well as the specific conditions associated with each individual application in order to guarantee long-term, highly efficient cleaning of exhaust gases and operational safety and reliability at your plant.
The SINOx® System for Diesel and Gas Engines

For stationary diesel and gas engines, the SINOx® system mainly consists of the SINOx® catalytic reactor, a control unit and a proportioning system for the reducing agent. Depending on the size of your plant and the applicable exhaust emissions limits, the SINOx® system is provided with either open-loop or closed-loop controls.

The SINOx® system is installed directly behind the engine in the exhaust pipe. The control unit ensures optimum cleaning-system operation and regulates the injection of reducing agent according to the present load of the engine. This intelligent control equipment, in combination with the highly efficient proportioning system, guarantees minimum consumption of reducing agent to keep your operating costs down while still ensuring compliance with stipulated emissions limits and maximum service reliability.
SINOx® for Gen Sets Applications
SINOx® in the Box

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